Bio:  Mary Kantzas
Fun and relaxed, Mary's enthusiasm and attention to detail, characterizes her style.  She has a degree in Planning from The University of Calgary, which has trained her in graphic arts.  Her photographic career began as a creative outlet and her passion for photography.  Beyond serving a clients' photographic needs Mary is sensitive to the pressures of the day.   She has been photographing weddings and ceremonies with a wide variety of denominations since 2002.  She currently resides in Calgary with her familiy. 
Bio:  John Souleles
Sharing Mary's passion for photography, John co-founded ICPix offering a complementary style. John believes a relaxed atmosphere makes for more natural and poignant images.  Trained as an Architect, also at The University of Calgary, John has extensive experience in commercial and architectural photography.  He has also started developing a family and fashion portfolio.  John has been working with Mary since 2005. He and his family also live in Calgary.   
Mary Kantzas
John Souleles
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